My name is Karen Rustad Tölva. I was born in Sunnyvale, CA; grew up in Edina, MN; graduated from Scripps College in Claremont, CA in 2008 with a degree in Media Studies; lived after college in Arlington, VA; moved to Atlanta, GA to work with OpenHatch, a startup in the Shotput Ventures summer incubator program; moved to Philadelphia, PA to continue working with OpenHatch after the incubator finished; moved back to Edina, MN after the startup couldn't pay me anymore; and then moved to Berkeley, CA in 2010 for grad school. I currently live in Redwood City.

Get all that? Here, have a diagram:


In 2012 I graduated with a master's degree from UC Berkeley's School of Information (an odd but fun combination of computer science, UI design, library science, sociology, and management).

Since 2014 I have been gainfully employed at AeroFS as their lead UX engineer. Right now I spend most of my time hacking away at a brand new multi-platform product based on ReactJS, Flux, Electron, and LESS. Current fascinations include emoji and learning how fonts work, native-alike desktop widgets in HTML/CSS/JS, and experimenting with React Native.

My personal hobbies and interests include climbing on rocks, cooking Indian food, drawing cute things, meteorology, intellectual property and technology law and policy, gardening, baby naming trends, indie rock, science fiction, and webcomics.

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