Rustad Beats Truman

Sep 28, 2007 • Karen

Yesterday, Scripps held its school elections. I happened to be in Seal Court, so I voted. While filling out my ballot, I noticed that not only were all but two of the positions uncontested, no one at all was running for GJW VP. "That's dumb," I thought. "Alright, I'll put my name on the write-ins sheet. That'll motivate everyone to run against me. They'll be all like, 'Oh no, we must stop Karen from tyrannically seizing the dorm in a coup and starting a WMD lab in the kitchen and provoking a US airstrike! I will run against her for the good of humanity!'"

My crafty plan seems to have backfired. I got elected.

Maybe I should've put myself down as a write-in for every position.

I totally don't have time for another extracurricular activity, but whatever. Better a crappy dorm VP than no dorm VP, I suppose.

I have two goals for the year:

First, I'm gonna make it so both kitchens are fully stocked with pots, pans, and other cooking equipment. None of us individually cook enough to make buying a cookie sheet or a blender worth it; let's provide this public good.

Second, I'm gonna hold a Scripps party in the dorm/on our patio out of principle. I'm sorry, but partying in an academic building is just a buzz kill. The Scripps dorms aren't built with space for partying like the Mudd ones--but I think GJW has the space to have at least a Scripps-only fiesta.