Next semester's schedule

Dec 4, 2007 • Karen

This a.m. I registered for classes for the last time (at Scripps, anyway). They are:

Chamber Choir - TWR 12:00p-12:45p and M 4:15p-5:45p
Turbo Kickboxing - T 5:05p-6:00p
Personal Finance - TR 1:15p-2:30p
Civil Liberties and Fundamental Rights - TR 2:45p-4:00p
Topics in Media Theory: Culture of the Copy - W 7:00p-9:50p (all the way at the ass end of Pomona! Hope it's worth it...)
Senior Project (No actual class meeting time, woo!)

I'm pretty excited about this schedule, even if it's the most credits I've taken in a semester (4.75). I get to learn about constitutional rights and crap with Golub, study free culture-y things without having to design a "Critical Information Studies" independent study, figure out how the heck that whole "having money" thing works, and possibly kickbox my way to being less whale-shaped. Hooray!

Alright, now back to bed with me for as long as my schedule will allow. I was up until 4:20 this morning in the artlab doing one of my myriad final projects. ARGH.