Jan 23, 2008 • Karen

Chamber Choir: Hang the music, here's the important bit: two out of six altos got engaged over break. One of them's a sophomore.

*head explodes*

I mean, I know altos are the sexiest section, but THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

*head explodes again*

Personal Finance: Prof Dillon is old and sassy. Not my most favoritest class, but it should be alright and certainly useful. My ridiculously expensive book needs to get here already so I can do my homework.

Civil Liberties and Fundamental Rights: If this class could have groupies, I would be one. We're gonna read actual Supreme Court cases, and brief them! And yet we're gonna talk about them from an interdisciplinary/power-politics perspective instead of a vocational perspective! It's the best of both worlds! Even though Golub's totally right about the limiting discourse that law school teaches you (some arguments "count"; some don't) and all that, this class still has me completely pumped to study law in two years. I love the subject matter, and stretching and expanding discourses is fun! After all, even the CLS guys were law profs themselves...

After class I talked to Golub in his office about applying to law school and open access and how Scripps needs to hire an actual Legal Studies prof and random crap for an hour. I only noticed how long it got because Carolyn called about dinner. He also showed me pictures of his baby girl. I didn't have a crush on Golub like the rest of Scripps when I took his class before, but now, when he gets in Dad Mode, he's ridiculously adorable. Wow.

Kickboxing: Canceled. Apparently they couldn't find an instructor to teach it. LAME. Now I have to find another PE...most of the ones I'd be interested in are either full or at inconvenient times. :p Maybe if I just commit to going to all the student/faculty soccer matches...?

Culture of the Copy: ALMOST as awesome as CivLib. Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig, "Bound By Law," and the intro to Copyrights and Copywrongs are some of the required readings. (YAY!) But there's lots of other cool material too--today we talked about art forgery, and we'll also be going into cloning and human reproduction as forms of copying, which I never would've thought of.

Also! Pomona will be hosting a conference on March 1 on "Page, Screen, Pixel: Media in Transition." My class is required to attend. AND SIVA VAIDYANATHAN IS SPEAKING!!!11eleventy!

I love it when free culture-y things happen without my doing anything...