Sardonic hilarity for the ages.

May 7, 2008 • Karen

So, every year the graduating class paints a section of Scripps' graffiti wall. I submitted the design above for voting. Lots of people liked it, and of the three submissions I thought I'd win.

But then there was a late entry.

It's a cliff, all pretty and green grass, with the blue sky shining down. At the edge of the cliff is the Scripps symbol/mascot/thing, La Semeuse. She is throwing stick figures (us) off the cliff into the ocean below, where it appears the stick figures are drowning. One stick figure holds on desperately to a tree root sticking out of the cliff, trying not to fall in the water. It was Untitled, but I'd call it "Sink or Swim."

Even having a horse in the race, I was tempted to vote for it. It was well-drawn and *so* perverse. Well, apparently I'm not the only one here who's sleepless, stressed, and bitter as hell in the midst of finals and an awful job market. Lots of people voted for it. "Sink or Swim" won.

Maybe people will feel some voters' remorse later once they're done with finals, I guess we'll see. Already a number of the seniors in the kitchen when Elaine told us the results weren't very happy with the result. But as much as I liked my own design, "Sink or Swim" will look nice on the wall, next to the "Strange Fruit" design from the '30s with all graduates hanging from the branches of a tree.

Someone a while back said to me that there ain't much that unites our class other than bitterness and cynicism. I agreed entirely. On those grounds, I think this design is totally appropriate for the Scripps Class of 2008.