Mudd is awesome.

Apr 6, 2006 • Karen

Apparently West Dorm had their pre-TQ run last night, stripping all the lemon (and other citrus) trees in Claremont and the surrounding area of their produce. Already South and West Dorm are hurling lemons at one another, both by hand and with a PVC slingshot. And TQ Night isn't until Saturday! By the time the prospective Mudders show up for pre-frosh weekend, the quad should be thoroughly covered in lemon corpses. And the pre-frosh shall understand that Mudd is where they were meant to be. Or something.

* * *

About twenty years ago, after a couple attempts, a team of Mudd students successfully stole the cannon in front of Caltech's Fleming house. It was totally awesome--a defining moment in the college's history. Go read the alum's synopsis.

So when the cannon went missing again, Mudders received this email in their inbox:

Subject: Caltech cannon
Date: 28 March 06 19:56:34 PST
To: [HMC internal mailing list]


Did anyone steal the Caltech cannon Monday night/Tuesday morning? They called and said it was stolen and were hoping it was here.

Chris Sundberg
Associate Dean of Students
Harvey Mudd College

Well, they finally found it. At MIT. Apparently MIT posed as construction workers and social-engineered their way into taking the cannon. The *exact* same thing Mudd did when they took it the first time. I'd criticize MIT for being copycats, but I think it's even more of a diss on Caltech that they fell for the same scheme twice. MIT does get props for carting the damn thing all the way across the country--I hope more details about the trek get released in the future.

When the cannon heist's anniversary rolls around in the future, and if the cannon has made its way back to Caltech by then, Mudd should totally reclaim it. How? Well, we could try the construction crew scheme again (Caltech has already demonstrated that they don't learn from experience...). I really like Andrew's idea, though: Go to Caltech with a construction crew and a film crew, and say that they're making a movie about the original Caltech Cannon Heist. Then, as the cameras roll and the truck begins to drive to come back. :)