Scripps makes it onto Fark...

Feb 7, 2008 • Karen

We got tagged 'asinine' for Dean Wood declaring a 70s-themed CMC party racist and sexist. It was the "White Party": a scary name, perhaps, but the idea was to wear white attire to glow under the blacklights. At least that's how everyone I know interpreted it; if anyone accidentally showed up in a KKK hood, well, that's their own fault.

Sometime in the last few days, the CMC class of 2010 left racist and sexist party invitations with what appears to be a racist party theme on the dining room tables at Scripps College, Malott Commons.

I will not describe the content of the invitations so as not to do any more harm or damage to women and African Americans than has already been done , as I suspect these invitations were deposited throughout one or more of The Colleges.


While principles of free speech may protect these students' rights to advertise in this manner, free speech is best exercised with common sense, intelligence and sensitivity. I am saddened and dismayed , and angered, that students in the year 2008 would use this kind advertising to promote a party. It harms not only women and African Americans, but all of us here at the colleges and undermines our educational efforts.

I urge any other campus which received these invites to take a similar stand against racism and sexism and communicate their anger and dismay to the CMC Class of 2010 through appropriate ways- such as not attending the party, writing letters to the class leadership and/or student news papers, and refusing to tolerate this kind of treatment of members of our communities.

Heh. The flyers were taken down at Scripps, but so far as I can tell they stayed up everywhere else. My suitemates went to the party. It was alright.

Dean Wood said she had already communicated with the CMC dean on the subject, but the president of ASPC said they never heard anything from her until she sent the campus-wide email and felt her conduct was "unprofessional." And, given that they were the ones throwing the party, and the ones being publicly dragged through the mud as racist and sexist, he may have a point.

I mean, you could probably make the argument that the flyers are sexist because they have two ladies in gold bikini tops on them. You may or may not be right, but you could at least make the argument. But why *this* flyer? Loads of other parties advertise with scantily-clad chicks yearly--the go-go party at Linde, Bros and Hos, etc... Does this email mean that there is now an embargo on women on advertisements at Scripps? Or just this one because it made the dean mad?

On a final note, the DJ for the party sounds hilarious:

Where the racism came in, I have no idea, other than the theme of the party was misconstrued," he said. "And sexist? I'd say sexy. I'll meet them halfway on that.