Aug 3, 2008 • Karen


Nelson and I went berrypicking again today at Butler's Orchard in Maryland.

Nelson picks some blueberries

Beautiful sunny day--warm, but there was a breeze so it wasn't too bad out there. It was the end of the blueberry season, but we still managed to pick six pounds or so. We ate some of them on buckwheat pancakes with sliced banana for dinner.


Don't have any pictures of the blackberries, but we got a decent number of those too--four pounds, I think. Half of them I think we ate while picking, though. :p

I didn't used to think I liked blackberries all that much. The ones you get in the store tend to be tart with a lot of pithy stuff. There's a reason for that. Blackberries that are truly ripe are IMPOSSIBLE to transport. There's no way you could reliably put them in grocery stores. Even just taking them off the plant and putting them in the bucket tends to make them fall apart. So Nelson and I ended up selectively eating most of the ripest berries. And--my God--there is nothing more delicious than a truly ripe sun-warmed blackberry. They are amazing. Nelson likes the not-quite-as-ripe ones that we brought home too, but for me the whole point of pick-your-own blackberries is so you can eat them right there, right off the vine.