My score came in today.

Jul 3, 2008 • Karen

Not sure what I think. On the one hand, this is a very good score. With it and my GPA, I at least stand a chance at getting in to most any law school (though for the very top schools it would help if I like cured a major disease or something in the next three months or so). It's also one point higher than Nelson's score, achieving that goal. :p

On the other hand, though, I studied my butt off the two weeks before the test and took a ton of practice exams. By the end of it I was finishing scoring in the 175-177 range. The real test felt much more difficult than any of my practice exams (which is weird, since the practice exams *were* real LSATs), so I guess I shouldn't be surprised to not score that high. But I thought I could. So I can't help but feel a little disappointed.

So now what? Now I 1.) continue getting my things in order so I can apply to schools in August/September and 2.) figure out if it's worth applying to Yale/Harvard.

Oh, and 3.) cure a major disease in the next three months.