World War Z illustration out!

Sep 19, 2007 • Karen

Last semester, Mary Bartlett contacted me about doing an illustration for the Scripps Magazine. She'd seen one of my Nosve Release comics about Mudd Run in the Mudd alumni magazine and wondered if I could do some work for them for actual money. Actual money!

I met with her and Matt Hutaff, and one story idea that came up was a bit about World War Z by Matt Brooks. Not only is it an awesome zombie novel--Scripps gets a mention in it as a place where 300 students plant gardens, construct weapons, and survive the zombie apocalypse. Walled-garden women's colleges for the win!

I've been holding onto this drawing for a long time, waiting for the article on the book to drop. And now it has! Check out page 7 of the fall issue of Scripps Magazine...

So yeah... I'm in print! Fwee!