Academically compelled creativity

Sep 19, 2007 • Karen

For the heck of it, I'm posting the two flash animations I've made for class so far.

Random first attempt at using flash


Also, here's my first Intro to Creative Writing poem!

The black leather got scuffed
Before they ever walked into church.
Odd, that.
Tossed under the sofa, after a long day
Beached by the door with
The footprinted flip-flops
That she hadn't worn since Saturday before last...

Comfortable heels are so hard to find.
Perhaps that was once for the best
The vamps and soles were spotless
Back when she settled for less.

(The assignment was to take a piece of clothing and write about it in a metaphorical manner that expresses something about yourself. I'm of the opinion that you can't burp without expressing something about yourself... but whatever.)