May 9, 2008 • Karen

In the last three days, I have written an all-nighter-enhanced 12-page paper about sweding, studied for and took a two-part Civil Liberties final, recorded two new acapella songs ("When My Boy Walks Down the Street" by Magnetic Fields and "Sumer Is Icumen In," an Old English semi-pagan song we learned in choir), held two Free Culture 5C events (a showing of "Freedom of Expression" and a music mixtrade), and performed in my last Chamber Choir concert ever.

Today senior grades were due. My undergraduate education is complete. Holy crap.

Not to say that there ain't things left to do. My room desperately needs cleaning, I need to pack stuff to ship home, and I continue to search for gainful employment. There's about a billion todos and personal projects that I put on hold while finishing up my academic work. I expect many raucous, amusing exploits between now and graduation with my fellow seniors, and Nelson once he's here.

But it's really over. I'm no longer a college student. I just haven't realized it yet.

Ho-ly crap.