Shenandoah National Park

Oct 26, 2008 • Karen

Obligatory soundtrack: O Shenandoah, from last year's Concert Choir concert.

Nelson, Gavin, Nelson's friend Dean, and I went "leafpeeping" at Shenandoah National Park last weekend. It was cold but excellent. Besides looking at trees, we hiked, climbed rocks, found someone's totally bitchin' sunglasses in a crevice, and saw a natural spring (not that exciting but still kind of cool).

More pictures on Nelson's Flickr.

Afterward we stopped by a tourist trap and bought a gigantic sack of apples, apple cider, and fudge. The trip took a turn for the unfortunate when it turned out that the (plain, no nuts) fudge I purchased nevertheless had peanuts in it. And Nelson had eaten some. So the rest of the evening was occupied with baking soda baths, Chinese medicine, and other attempts to ameliorate Nelson's swollen throat, horrible stomachache, and full-body rash. Sigh.