ICCA 2008

Feb 2, 2008 • Karen

Last week Elaine and I went again to the ICCA acapella quarterfinals concert at USC. (Last year's roundup here and here.) Unfortunately it seems this year no one taped the whole thing. However, there was, at least, a Reverse Osmosis fan in the audience. You may remember them as the 2006 winner, 2007 host group, and perennial melter of my face.

So, you can see their three songs. First, "Supermassive Black Hole". The group also has a Knights of Cydonia/Carol of the Bells medley; clearly their arranger likes Muse. Good on them.

Mmm, rump-wiggling. Now for the "Best Solo" award winner:

I promise you, it was about a billion times as moving when not filtered through a crappy camera microphone. Somebody get that lady on American Idol already.

And now bask in the glory of "Carry On Wayward Son":

And the crime of the evening: this set got fourth place. Fourth. Granted, SoCal VoCal's set was also mind-blowing; if anyone's got footage, I'd love to be reminded. (Hint hint.) But still. What.

Clearly none of the judges are Guitar Hero fans.