Email sent to the dean of housing

Nov 6, 2007 • Karen

Subject: The construction noise is intolerable

Hi Staci,

I wasn't able to make the forum on construction noise because of a conflict, but I thought I should write in to express my feelings on the subject.

I'm on 3rd floor GJW. It is LOUD. I'm not sure how to express how loud it is in here. How about this: right now I have my music going. It's a futile effort, because you can't hear it over the sound of the jackhammer.

One of my suitemates moves to the couch in our common room to sleep nearly every weekday morning. I'd do it too, if the other couch were big enough. You can still hear the racket in the common room, but at least it's almost tolerable.

The construction almost never goes into the evening. Sometimes the workers go home as early at 3 PM! The work schedule is completely incompatible with the sleep schedule of everyone living near the construction and it is adversely impacting our wellbeing.

I'd suggest that construction start no earlier than 10 AM. They can go as late as they want, as far as I'm concerned. All of us are active until 9 PM or later; there's no chance of it bothering us then like it does now. The only way it could be worse is if the noise started even earlier!

Jackhammers and bleeping trucks and that pile driver thing that sounds like a firing squad right outside my window at 8 AM are impossible to sleep through. And when the students stay up doing work well past midnight on a regular can understand why we're all in a titchy mood.

Please, please, PLEASE do something about this!

-- Karen