Final crap countdown

Dec 6, 2007 • Karen

Creative Writing short story (secretly, part of my thesis project--yay Prof Wachtel) - DONE! (just need to find a working color printer and/or print it when the entire Scripps IT department ISN'T out to lunch *exasperated noise*)

Senior Seminar paper - The impossible paper from hell that is technically (part of) my thesis. Ten pages on one graphic novel. My graphic novel. Which doesn't exist yet. Sigh. I would've rather written on one of the actual topics, but we didn't get a choice. It's really late, but I'm so close to finishing, I can smell it. Just need a conclusion ("In conclusion, my vaporware graphic novel ROCKS and you will want to have its babies!" ???) and I'll send the damn thing out today!

Flash final project - Ha, nowhere even close to finished. I tried to edit the song I'm using last night, but Garageband is apparently borked on the lab computers. I'm going to ask for an extension. Choir has taken over my life--I had two choir concerts last week, and rehearsals/concerts every single day this week--so I think I have a decent excuse for why the only time I've had to work on things has been the multiple nights in a row staying up until 4 AM (and likely as not waking at 7, thanks to the bloody construction--I still want to thermite the damn project).

Art event reports - I need to write a report on my seeing the Yes Men at Pitzer. I also need to go see something artistic off campus this weekend. Somehow that will fit in my schedule, oh yes.

Thesis - I have my second "crit" on my birthday next week, at which time I need to have the complete script of my graphic novel. (I never script more than a few strips in advance--it's easier to figure out how the dialogue will go when you have the panels in front of you--so it is kind of a obnoxious requirement.) I've certainly been working on my thesis, but I haven't done much with the script recently. This will be fun and exciting...

Final creative writing project - Haven't started. Isn't due until Wednesday. Shouldn't be too hard, so long as I have the time--I like writing poetry and crap.

Plus my ballot for the SPARC video contest, buying kitchen supplies for hall council, free culture reimbursements, a trip to American Apparel for the Scripps Store, getting insurance and my prescription and various other aspects of my life sorted out, cleaning my room, various webmastery obligations I've been completely neglecting lately... and did I mention that choir is taking over my life?

I expect that my 21st birthday is going to be exceptionally sleep-deprived. And not in a fun way.

Still, I'm only moderately stressed, because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 11 days until I go home to snowy Minnesota and 14 days until I see Nelson. That's worth a few more 4 AM nights, eh?