Photoshop rant.

Apr 6, 2008 • Karen

My dad gave me his old computer and I upgraded to Leopard. Yay, a computer that actually works! However, sometime during that transition Photoshop broke. When I open it, it says some file that it needs is missing, and that I should re-install it. I can open Photoshop, I can still draw things in it, but I can't open any previously saved files. Which is pretty much useless to me.

So I try to re-install Photoshop--and it says that the install CD is damaged. No visible scratches or anything, but it refuses to re-install.

And lovely, open-source Gimpshop still crashes every time I try to use it.

So now I'm trying to pirate Photoshop. We'll see how that goes. I (well, my dad, for Christmas) actually paid for this damn piece of graphical shit--I expect to be able to use it, goddammit!

Blah. Even if piracy works, there don't appear to be any Mac versions of Flash or Dreamweaver (the main applications I've used in my portfolio/for class here) available. Which means once I graduate, either I shell out $1,800.00 or I lose all access to a significant chunk of my artsy/webby output over the last two years. Not to mention become incapable of doing further portfolio/professional work without corporate backing.

Sigh. Why does it cost so much to be a starving artist?

So much hate for Adobe right now.