Oct 4, 2007 • Karen

I'm becoming ever more worried about the prospects of my 3.25-year-old computer. First, it's gotten so slow that using Photoshop is like pulling teeth and iTunes playback hiccups every few songs. More pressingly, though, it's gotten to the point that not only is the screen ridiculously dark most of the time, it actually goes black when I set the computer down on the desk or otherwise move it in the wrong way. So far fiddling with the screen joint has brought it back to life every time, but it's still troubling.

I still have Nelson's monitor from last semester, which I was intending to use as a second screen until I found out that my iBook doesn't support that functionality. (There may be a hack to get around this; haven't had time to test it out yet.) If the screen ever decisively dies, I do have a backup. Still, I would rather not spend the rest of the year peering into a decrepit CRT.

Basically, I want to steal Nelson's tricked-out triple-OS-booting MacBook. Nelson, be warned. :p