Girl arrested for celebrating Jefferson's birthday

Apr 13, 2008 • Karen

Link. Basically, twenty friends decided to celebrate my favorite founding father's birthday by going to his monument at midnight and having a dance party. In order to not disturb other visitors (yes, the monument's open 24 hours), they used iPods instead of a boombox. Park cops show up, tell them to get out, one girl asks "why?" (just that, why) and is immediately arrested and hauled downtown. She's since been released, with a charge of "interference with agency duties", whatever that is (just screams "catch-all"...).

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner [cell]!"

I participated in something similar last year--the Harvard free culture conference Dance Conspiracy where we danced around the streets of Cambridge to someone's laptop broadcasting short-range radio. You'd think that enough flash mob-style dance events have happened by now to make them clearly non-dangerous (as if they were ever legitimately scary to begin with; it's a bunch of happy people dancing, for Christ's sake! It's like the opposite of terrorism!)

To hell with the War on Fun. When I go back to DC, dancing at the Jefferson Memorial is at the top of my list of things to do.