The ASPC is a (large number of bad words)

Nov 22, 2007 • Karen

Every time I interact with the student governments of the 5Cs, it makes me want to never do anything cool ever again.

I never want to do anything cool ever again.

So we were organizing a really cool event for our senior seminar final project. We were going to bring two speakers to campus, a copyright lawyer and a documentary maker, to talk about copyright, fair use doctrine, and media, a topic that gets zero academic discussion at the Claremont Colleges. Afterwards, we were going to have a reception and a remix-themed afterparty with food, beverages, a DJ, and a projector screening video mashups. Sounds cool, right?

We needed funding, of course. So Andrew and went to the ASPC meeting on Tuesday to answer questions about the event through our shit-eating grins. The funding meeting was awkward and disheartening, as usual, but still it was the least disgusting meeting I'd ever been to--I thought.

Today is Thanksgiving, and today the ASPC replied to our funding application. We got $0. That means our total budget is the $300 we got from Scripps, a school that is neither hosting the event nor the home of a majority of its organizers. (The five-bureaucracy system makes no goddamn sense.)

You can't bring interesting speakers, even non-profit ones, on 300 dollars.

They said that it was their policy to not fund "class activities." Bull shit. First, it's *not* a class activity--it's a 5C event. We may be moved to organize it because of a class, but the event is taking place outside of class, was going to be co-hosted by Free Culture 5C, and was to be advertised publicly to all five colleges. Second, as we informed them, the Media Studies department doesn't have any money left this semester. So it's not like we had a choice.

We *know* the ASPC has money. They apparently have a $5000 surplus that they need to get rid of. Yet still, as usual, the ASPC was being intentionally dense so they wouldn't have to pay shit.

(guess that explains the surplus...)

Fine. Let professors pick all the lecturers. Let the administration organize all the events. Throughout my years trying to do cool events through Free Culture 5C and observing the attempts to change campus policies, it has become abundantly clear that no one in Claremont wants students to organize anything.

I give up.