Hello, world!

Mar 20, 2006 • Karen

It’s a blogpost!

This isn’t my first blog–not by a long shot. In my wee days I inhabited a xanga site, later partially replaced by a LiveJournal. I may or may not continue to post over at those two locales; I haven’t decided. However, thanks to the wonders of stolen CSS, already this site is far prettier than either of my previous blogs. And since aesthetic considerations tend to be the unconscious motive for most of my life decisions (attire, universities, majors, jobs…), I will probably be occupying this little corner of the Interweb for a while.

Given my online history, my identity is hardly a secret. My name’s Karen, I’m a sophomore in college, and I like pretty things. In my creative endeavors, however, I tend to go by the moniker Nosve. (It’s a long story.) Those projects (art, music, comics, a little film) are the main reason this website exists. Hence the domain name. So my nom de plume on the blog shall be the same.

Why “Little Green River”? It’s a bit of a line from a song I wrote a while back. Eventually I’ll record it and put it up here.