Quick notes

May 28, 2006 • Karen

  • Maybe it's the fault of the construction, but the Philly airport has ridiculously bad signage. Despite having followed the arrows on the signs posted, I ended up marching through two and a half terminals before I finally found the baggage claim for my flight. Employees weren't very helpful, either. Boo on you, Philly airport.
  • Uf da, it's warm. But it's still not as bad as it is back home, though--100 degrees?? That's just ridiculous!
  • My host family seems pretty awesome so far--very relaxed and informal. I haven't met their son Nick yet (he's at the beach), but from the D&D stuff laid out in the basement and the PC gaming setup in his room, I'm guessing he's a total nerd. Like most of my friends! :)
  • I accidentally missed two trains today. In a *row*. I win at life.
  • The nearest Wells Fargo is in the middle of Philly and I had almost no cash. I suppose service fees could serve as practice for currency exchange rates...
  • I just bought enough food for about sixteen lunches and dinners (plus an undetermined number of breakfasts and some fruit) for about $20. I love grocery stores.
  • Two nights ago I played with an in-progress Tryad track, Breathe, and recorded some vocals. Check it out.

Now I shall go dinnerify with the Nelson and co.