Bored, bored, bored, bored*

Jun 1, 2006 • Karen

Today I did the unthinkable.

I went clothes shopping. For fun.

I was done with work; I'd eaten dinner; I was bored. Sure, there were things I could on the damn Nosve Release update that's been limping along for almost a month, write FC.o bylaws, learn Danish... But after spending several compulsory hours in front of a monitor, I wanted to find my entertainment elsewhere. It was also 91 and rather muggy outside, which, though averted by the AC on the first floor, made any activity in my third floor room unbearable.

So I decided to walk over to the heavily air-conditioned Old Navy across the street with the vague idea of getting a sundress.

I knew pretty soon that I wasn't going to be actually buying anything. The dresses they had there were both sleeveless and overpriced. But I stayed for almost an hour, trying on weird lacy shirts, skirts with sparkles, and random crap from the clearance rack. Because I *could*.

I discovered that despite losing weight, I still can't wear Old Navy pants. I think I knew that at some point previously, but I guess this confirms it. Damn... The store I was at had pants all the way up to size 20, but what's the point when they aren't cut for people with curves?

How shall I entertain myself tomorrow? Maybe I'll making a thrilling trip to the grocery store to buy conditioner and detergent. Maybe I'll start a undersea pirate radio station*. Or maybe I'll take my host brother Nick up on his offer--when he saw me vegging in front of the computer screen this afternoon he mentioned that I was "free to use any of our many televisions."


* Sealab 2021 reference. 'Tis awesome.