Dork and the Mulchmen!

Jul 7, 2006 • Karen

So much has been happening, yet every time I've sat down at the computer I haven't thought of anything to write...

Nelson and I are now the proud parents of four basil plants. It all started when Nelson and I began cooking meals together. For the longest time, Nelson has eaten basically the same bland food every day--rice and bananas for lunch, rigatoni and broccoli for dinner. I, however, found this practice extremely boring. So I've been introducing him to strange new concepts like spices, sauces, and putting veggies and starches together in the same dish. Fresh basil seems to have caught on the most with him, so we've been eating plenty of that.

On Saturday, we visited the Swarthmore farmer's market to pick up sugar snap peas, tomato sauce, and cherries. One of the stalls was selling potted plants--bachelor's buttons, parsley, and basil. Nelson was very excited about the basil plants, so we bought one and named it Dork. Nerd, geek, dork; triumvirat: complete!

Dork is a young growing plant, though, and needed a bigger pot. So a few days later we embarked to Clifton Heights in search of a nursery. Nelson eschewed Home Depot in favor of this tiny indie gardening place that didn't appear to be doing so well. As we looked for the pots, I noticed they still had a whole rack of basil that hadn't sold. Long story short, we bought two pots, a bag of dirt, and three more basil plants known collectively as the Mulchmen to keep Dork company. (Dork and the Mulchmen... sounds like a band or something.)

So that's the story. We still have to determine custody for once I leave Philly/America, but for now the four plants are sitting pretty on the porch at Nelson's place.