Oh, processed foods...

Jan 28, 2007 • Karen

There's a really good, though long, article on nutrition (as opposed to "nutritionism") by Michael Pollan in the New York Times right now. I've started making an effort to give up junk food, so it's convenient timing.

One question I've always had for vegetarians/health food types: I read all this stuff about how processed food is bad for you. Indeed, the article distinguishes between "food" and "edible foodlike substances," saying you should only eat the former, if possible.

Where does tofu fall into this?

I mean, it seems like most of the meat and dairy substitutes out there are processed to hell. They'd have to be, to be goaded into resembling chicken/cheese/whatever instead of soybeans, wheat, and rice. Is it really that much of an improvement to eat margarine and veggie burgers instead of milk and Lunchables?

Just curious.