ICAC Quarterfinals: LA Edition

Feb 10, 2007 • Karen

I just went to a competitive college a capella concert over at USC with Elaine. My mind, she is blown.

I love a capella music so very, very much. It is a scientific fact that singing in a good a capella group makes you 200% more attractive. But I'd never seen groups anywhere near this good before. Here, it wasn't just singing--it was dancing too! Really high quality dancing!

I witnessed:

  • A medley of "Tra-La-La," "What is Love," and at least one other song, with hand-slapping, butt-grabbing, and awesome sunglasses.
  • Reverse Osmosis, the hosting group and last year's winner, performing twice even though they weren't in competition. All of their songs astounded me--they would've won in a heartbeat. Especially "Take Your Mama Out," complete with star-level choreography and snarky backup vocals ("Wash your mouth out with soap").
  • A group of girls wearing ties from Brigham Young, because when you're Mormon and in the middle of nowhere, you have a lot of time to perfect tournament-winning a capella routines. (Apparently BYU does really well every year.)
  • Dudes holding up girls cheerleader-style, making crazy formations, all the while singing beautifully.
  • A Michael Jackson-clone who is, I repeat, not a girl, but can shake his ass quite proficiently.
  • A cover of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek"--which while they didn't add much to the original, is still an awesome song.
  • Beatboxing. Reverse Osmosis and Naked Voices had INHUMAN beatboxers. I want beatboxing babies. Good bass and beats contributes more than half the sexiness of a capella music.
  • A all-guys group's "tribute to Freddie Mercury" in the form of "Don't Stop Me Now," complete with pelvic thrusting, lyrical Freudian slips, and a hot lead singer in a red dress shirt with the arms ripped off. Bonus: The group's called "The Trojan Men."


I can't even remember half the songs performed. My mind is overwhelmed with awesomeness. I want to join ten a capella groups now. And see more concerts, goddamn it!

Idea I had after the concert: You know how OK Go is making white male dancing cool again? My challenge: OK Go songs, with as good or better choreography, SUNG A CAPELLA. "Here It Goes Again" probably wouldn't work without the treadmills, but "A Million Ways" would certainly be replicable, adapted to a larger group.

Come on, interweb. Make it happen. I would pay significant quantities of currency to see it.