Police brutality, #65377914721

Sep 10, 2007 • Karen

An Arizona SWAT team descends upon a house in a quiet upscale neighborhood, crashing their armored personnel carrier into a neighbor's parked car, fires tear gas canisters that may or may not have been the cause of a fire that minutes later completely destroyed the $250,000 house, and chases the owner's crying puppy back into the house when it tried to escape, causing it to burn to death, laughing all the while.


Someone told the cops that the owner had a stockpile of illegal arms. (If they were expecting a huge gunfight, why didn't they warn the neighbors and have them evacuate?) In reality, the guy had an antique shotgun and a 9mm pistol, both legally owned. They ended up arresting him for failing to show up in court for two traffic citations--the only thing on his record.

I don't follow Phoenix politics, but this isn't apparently the only dick move on the part of the testosterone-poisoned local sheriff. I guess when he says he's tough on crime, he means it. But, well, this is what "tough on crime" means! It's not something to brag about.

Cops with egos can just go to hell.

Full article here.

Also in the news today:
Cop arrests McDonald's employee for serving him an oversalted burger.

Five-inch action figures hold public protest; Singapore authorities respond with four riot vans. (Only four people can congregate at a time in Singapore without a permit? Wow! We get a maximum of eight friends at Scripps College! I feel!)

Not about cops, but... Apparently, there are only four countries in the world that don't have mandatory paid maternity leave: Swaziland, Liberia, Papua New Guinea... and the US. Of course. We really shouldn't qualify as a first world country...