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Nov 21, 2008 • Karen

Freeway - Aimee Mann: I like this song, but it feels incomplete--it's got a good idea, but only one. I feel like it needs to be sampled/medleyed into a larger song. Possibly about the foreclosure epidemic.

People C'mon - Delta Spirit

Shake! Shake! - The Subways: Yeah, just another upbeat pop rock song, but I'm highly attached to the automotiveness of the part where the guitar enters the chorus. With a good set of speakers, the roar reminds me of driving stick-shift.

Sirens in the Deep Sea - Longwave: Nothing insightful to say about the lyrics here. Just something that's been in the Current's rotation that I rather like. The guitar's a bit more metal than what I usually listen to, but the high, ethereal vocals lead me through it like Virgil through Hell. (Yes, I am proud of that simile. :p)

2080 - Yeasayer: I am head over heels for this song. First, it's just beautiful--"Peter Gabriel meets Animal Collective," in the words of one review. But it also fits my feelings about this moment in history exquisitely. Go read the lyrics and I'll explain why.

Our generation's past Fukuyama's "end of history"--the Berlin Wall fell before I even knew what communism was. But history didn't really end, now did it? For better and for worse, there's a lot to come.

On the one hand, with Obama's election I can't help but feel incredibly optimistic. We made history on November 4; even though I disagree with Obama on not a small number of issues (the auto bailout, for starters), I'm nevertheless extremely excited to have a competent, tech-savvy administration with interesting ideas. I believe he's going to make America and the world a better place for me and my hypothetical children to live. "It's a new day..."

On the other hand, I'm also extremely pessimistic. I think the economy's gonna get worse--possibly much worse--before it gets better. At the same time, short of some major, European-sized tax hikes or the mysterious disappearance of the Baby Boomer generation, the national debt/deficit is going to bankrupt us in the next forty years. Not to mention global warming, peak oil, infrastructure problems, obesity, and a host of other looming, potentially-crippling threats that the country has been procrastinating on for decades. Nelson and I have been considering interning at an orchard/veggie farm to learn how to grow our own food in case the white collar economy collapses. Every generation rebels against the one before it. The Boomers were collectively selfish, short-sighted, and entitled. I can see self-sufficiency, frugality, and nouveau pauvre becoming the big thing among my generation. You can already see it in the crafters, the Makers, the Green and organic/local/slow food movements. "We can all grab at the chance to be handsome farmers..."

But even in that case, perhaps it's an adjustment that had to come, y'know? It might not be all that bad. We're smart. So long as Instructables and Wikipedia stay up, we'll figure it out.

Here's a minimalist, post-show version of the song (gets going around 1:24). The post-chorus bridge thing is pretty much the best musical thing ever.

#87.2 - YEASAYER - 2080
by lablogotheque

So yeah. I like it a lot.

Kids - MGMT

Horizon's Homecoming - Kevin Fleming: Hosting myself because you won't find it anywhere else--not even Kevin's LJ anymore. Hope he doesn't mind my "piracy." maahahaha.