Fuck the police. Seriously.

Dec 18, 2008 • Karen

Go read.

I don't want anyone giving me that bullshit about how these are just a few "bad apples" and that most policemen are good cops. Really? Those "good cops" conducted the internal investigation that (in this and virtually every case) finds the cop did nothing wrong. Those "good cops" are the highers-up who let these brainless thugs keep their jobs. Those "good cops" allow these so-called "bad apples" to represent the same badge they do with nary a peep of protest. The "good cops" aren't good in any sense of the word. They enable and harbor these beasts in uniforms, and the corrupt police bureaucracy lets them.

If I'm a parent, and I hear my twelve-year-old daughter screaming bloody murder with three adult men beating her and trying to drag her into a van, God so help me I will blow them to pieces if there is a shotgun anywhere in the vicinity, and go mother grizzly on their asses with my bare hands if not. To the best of my ability, to the death, those motherfucking perverts are going down. And there can be no law that stands in my way.

We need meaningful, powerful community oversight of the police force. We need to reform the law to make it clear that an off-duty or unidentified cop who beats or shoots you gets *at least* the same as any regular white guy. We need to find ways to separate the police force from the prosecutor's office so that when cops go to trial, the DA doesn't just *forget* to present major pieces of evidence or contest bullshit defense attempts because he "feels bad" for the defendant (c.f. the trial of Harvey Milk's murderer and ex-cop Dan White).

Being a cop shouldn't mean you can do whatever the fuck you like. Being a cop is not supposed to be the choice career path for idiot brawlers. Being a cop should mean you are held to a tougher, not looser, standard.

Until that happens, fuck the police. I don't trust them to protect me. If I get raped, I don't believe they'll do a damn thing. The best thing I can say for them is I think they probably won't ever beat me--and that's only because I'm white and haven't attended any protests.