Adventures in central Virginia

Feb 7, 2009 • Karen

Nelson and I visited the University of Virginia/Charlottesville today. Here I am in the law school library, studying conlaw with a distinctly ruffled Jefferson.

The library had tons of comfy, expensive work chairs.

They were, perhaps, too comfy.

It was really frickin' warm for February today in Charlottesville--the high got up to 67°F! Running around without a coat, just a couple days after we had single-digit windchill in DC, was pretty much awesome.

For lunch we went to the Main Street Market, a collective of local handmade fooderies. I had some delicious, spicy chicken soup from Polyface Farm, the farm featured in The Omnivore's Dilemma, and bought a bunch of local and/or organic food to take home--local baby spinach, Spanish olive oil, local wine, local cheese, local popcorn, fancy chocolates, a loaf of whole-wheat sourdough... It was pretty expensive, and made me somewhat concerned about the cost of living in Charlottesville. (Local food is great, but I imagine this is not the place to buy all your food during the winter.) But so damn good. At the bakery we found some fat-free mostly-vegan oatmeal raisin cookies that even Nelson liked! Here I am eating a delicious cookie at a table outside. In February.

Charlottesville is really pretty, all hilly with the Blue Ridge mountains and Shenandoah National Park nearby. UVA has lovely architecture and landscaping--I imagine even more so when all the trees have leaves and stuff is blooming.

(not taken by me/Nelson)

(also not our photo)

Jefferson designed the rotunda and central part of the university, and Monticello is only a few miles away.

(Not our photo either. We're bad at taking pictures of the things you're supposed to take pictures of, aren't we?)

No, it's not the Midwest. But I liked it a lot. Had coffee with Siva and now I'm feeling significantly less stressed about choosing a law school. A lot's going to come down to finaid/scholarship money along with whether I get into any of the remaining, crazy-selective schools I've yet to hear from. But so far, it looks like all my choices are pretty darn good.