The sun is coming out

Apr 3, 2009 • Karen

Well, technically, not really. It's been cloudy and rainy for the last several days. But the daylight keeps getting longer--even with the clouds, you can definitely tell. Daylight savings time means that I'm not coming home in the dark anymore. The cherries and crabapples and magnolias are blooming. And good God am I getting much more done.

In February, I'd wake up, drink my orange juice and surf the Internet, go to work and surf the Internet, and come home, eat dinner with Nelson, and surf the Internet. On the weekends I'd do chores and play games. Now? Well, I still surf the Internet. But lately I've started actually doing stuff. I've followed up on a documentary proposal, started redesigning Nelson's band's site (finally!), wrote some music, planted and transplanted plants for the balcony garden, bought concert tickets for next week, and gotten more work done. I'm reading books on the Metro instead of numbing my brain with crosswords and sudoku. I'm getting up at 6 and exercising, for pete's sake. What the heck happened? My best guess is the seasons changed.

I never thought I had Seasonal Affective Disorder when I lived in Minnesota. Of course, I spent most of high school asleep--napping on desks, groggy due to staying up late for homework and debate stuff. I was running around 70% at best (which was good enough, because it was high school). Perhaps given the circumstances I just didn't notice.

But looking at the last week or two, perhaps I am affected somewhat. If winter turns me into a lump, maybe living in lower latitudes to minimize the duration is a good idea...