Oct 8, 2009 • Karen

I stopped updating, and then I failed to update because of all the time that had passed. Breaking the cycle here.

So. Since my last post, I:

  • Decided not to go to law school. (Mostly for financial/risk management reasons--if I did law school, the over $100K in debt associated would shackle me to a biglaw job even if I hated it)
  • Quit my job.
  • Tried freelancing again while Nelson left for Atlanta to found a startup, OpenHatch, with two friends.
  • Failed at freelancing because I got horribly depressed sitting around in an empty apartment.
  • Joined Nelson in Atlanta and worked on OpenHatch for free. Eventually got semi-hired for real (in exchange for room and board) as 'Director of Research and Design', whatever the hell that means.
  • Attended talks and met all sorts of entrepreneurial people via Shotput Ventures (the program that funded OpenHatch). So many stories.
  • Went through the lovely dramatic process of Nelson resigning from OpenHatch.
  • Helped pitch OpenHatch to a room of 200 investors, entrepreneurs, and journalists. KICKED ASS.
  • Spent a week in San Francisco catching up with college friends and meeting relevant business contacts.
  • Spent a week in Minnesota.
  • Moved to Philadelphia.
  • Determined that I won't be working for OpenHatch after the end of this month since they only raised enough money to support two people for a year and I'm not a coder.
  • Attended the Global Creative Economy Convergence Summit in Philly; saw some interesting talks and met a few people.

And here I am. Three weeks left in my startup adventure. Wish I could start my own--I've got another web app-based business idea I want to build--but I can't code and all the developers I know like their jobs. I alternate wildly between feeling like a confident, artistic, self-starting badass and a near-broke, finicky, antisocial, and useless liberal arts major. Going through the job search process isn't really helping.