Life update.

Jul 11, 2012 • Karen

You know how it gets. You go so long without updating your blog, that you feel like your next post will have to cover acres and acres of territory just to get up to date, and that feels so insurmountable that you put it off, until the snowball of busyness and apathy and guilt just keeps rolling and getting bigger and bigger...

Heck, I get in that cycle with my *diary* sometimes, and then there isn't even an audience.

So here's a post. It won't cover everything that happened in the last seven months. It *can't*. But that's okay. '

Cliff's notes:

I participated in the 2012 MIT Mystery Hunt, finally. Manic Sages, the team I was on, won. I'm now helping write next year's hunt in some small capacity.

I spoke at PyCon. Went reasonably well; still haven't answered all my post-con email, though.

I somehow managed to not flunk any of my classes in the last semester of my program. Given how much I felt like I was half-assing things, this is kind of shocking. Towards the end I really didn't like how taking multiple classes at once made me unable to focus. This is arguably one perk of non-student life: less multithreading.

Graduated with a MS in Information Management and Systems. Final project got an honorable mention for the Chen Awards. Apparently me and Rowyn's final presentation managed to make legal research funny and entertaining. Thank you, high school forensics.

Got a job at Disqus. Started job at Disqus. Am still figuring out what the hell I'm doing, but I've gotten a couple patches pushed so far, so I don't quite feel useless. Am the First Female Technical Hire (unless someone quit before me, I suppose). Most of the the time that fact isn't all Consciously Capitalized in my Head. Yay.

Moved to Oakland, over by the cute neighborhood on Piedmont Ave. Injured myself the day before moving, so thank goodness I have sufficiently hunky friends. Spent an utterly ridiculous amount of money at IKEA. Finally have my own apartment, which I'm calling Downtime Abbey. My apartment is the best apartment, or at least it will be after I get a dang couch.

Took a day trip down to Half Moon Bay with Asheesh and Blake. Hiking in redwoods + delicious drunken picnic + beach with seals + driving Zipcar down CA-1.

Attended Open Source Bridge for the first time.

And now the clock is reset, and maybe I'll post more.