Kierkegaard, intellectual property, and cheerleader ninjas

Dec 15, 2006 • Karen

Today was an interesting day.

First, I made up my Muslims quiz. Most of it consisted of identifying terms. Most of them were clearly relevant to what we were studying: "imam," "Nation of Islam," "Tariq Ramadan," etc. But one of the terms was "outlandish." Outlandish. What the Frak does an adjective meaning "freakishly or grotesquely strange or odd" have to do with Muslims in the West? Did I miss something?

Final on Monday, then my interaction with my Muslims prof will be complete. Good.

Then I went over to the Kierkegaard Research Centre to see if they had any literature relevant to my beleaguered term paper. The good news: They did, namely the book Faith Beyond Reason by C. Stephen Evans. The bad news: You can't check out materials from the Research Center, they aren't open on the weekend, the book isn't in any of the Copenhagen University libraries, and Google Books doesn't have it. I read most of the relevant sections of the book, so I know what it says content-wise, but I'm going to have to get all of my quotations on Monday morning, the day the paper's due. Blargh. Still, I'm glad I found it. I have a lot more ideas and research for the paper now, and even an outline!

Speaking of research, I also found some relevant articles, downloadable .pdfs, on this database that DIS subscribes to for my paper. Problem: The file permissions won't let me cut and paste, which is kind of a necessary feature to have if you want people to be able to quote you with a reasonable level of ease. Apparently the publishers don't want that. Argh. I've always been an opponent of DRM, but I've been lucky enough not to run into its limitations very often. But when I do, it makes my head want to asplode.

If anyone knows anything about stripping DRM from .pdfs, I'd love to learn.

After that I BSed a media final. It actually wasn't so bad--the two questions on the Internet's effect on news media were right up my alley, though it was a pain to write the answers because they were the same. I still don't know anything about the Television Without Frontiers directive. I'm quite alright with that.

Then I went to Nørrebro to attend the Copenhagen edition of Creative Commons' 4th birthday party. I was excited to go, but when I got there the place was crowded and not particularly outsider-friendly: all the tables were taken and everyone was speaking Danish to the people they came with. Couldn't tell the partiers from the regulars except maybe by their choice in beer. Still, I got some Free Beer--not as good as Belgian fruit beer, but better than Carlsberg--and I'll bring the (really big!) bottle back with me to Minnesota as a souvenir. I was alone, didn't have anyone to talk to, and didn't really know how to operate in bars (Danish or otherwise), so I quickly left. With an open bottle of booze in my hand, I alternatingly felt like an alcoholic and a true Dane as I took the train back to Hillerød. Same difference, right? :p

Then I went home, met a couple of Mormon missionaries who were having dinner with Anna, and drew a CheerNinja to celebrate Nelson turning in his thesis WOO HOO! I really, really want to color it in. But instead, I shall go to bed so I can write a 10-page paper on EU copyright policy tomorrow. Yeee-haw! Er, I mean, goodnight. :)