Three happy things:

May 10, 2007 • Karen

1.) Money! Last week I got a $100 gift card from Target for doing web stuff for Voice. Then today I brought books to the Huntley for buyback and they gave me $70! I'd only gotten like $20 all my other semesters... and this was despite them not taking any of my Power Elite books.

2.) Nelson had his oral exam for his theses today, and passed, so he's finally officially graduating. Hooray!

3.) My research paper for Power Elite is done! Woohoo! With the adequately obtuse title "The Ivy Kingmakers: Corporate Power Politics and Discrimination in Harvard College Admissions." I had a hard time organizing the different sections and it's pretty dependent on one book for research, but I think there's at least a couple interesting ideas in it. In any case, it's finally over.