May 10, 2007 • Karen

Yesterday, I moved most of my stuff out of my dorm room and into summer storage. I went in on storage with a group of Scrippsies, most of whom I'd never met. In past years, I'd gone in with three or four people. This year my share of the storage fee was almost halved--because there were seven other students sharing.

Eight women. One storage unit.

Oy vey.

I didn't believe we could really cram everything into one unit. I'm not sure I even believe it now. Muscles straining, we stacked boxes and bags, fridges and futons, until the towers reached the ceiling in places. Who knew Tetris could apply to real life? I was the tallest girl in the group and even my reach was put to its limit. It was 90-degree weather again and we were all drenched, especially those of us who rode to the storage place in the back of the free moving van.

But we did it. A few of us will have to trek back tomorrow for a few last things (ie bedding) but there will be room to spare.