Early Return

Aug 25, 2007 • Karen

The air over the Inland Empire was the dirtiest I'd ever seen it, the day I flew into Ontario in a tiny, over-airconditioned regional jet. 'You mean I have to inhale that?' I thought as the shuttle drove past Mount Baldy, veiled in brownish haze.

'Yup,' said the mountain as I hauled my three bags to GJW, breath tight in my lungs. The walk across campus never before seemed so long.

I'm in Claremont now, helping get the Scripps Store ready for when the frosh show up. I'm not just a webmaster, I'm a manager, and apparently I'll be learning all the inventory/cashiering/retail stuff too. Fair enough. I didn't know any of the the other managers before joining the Scripps Store, but they seem like good people.

It's weird, being here before everyone else. I love my suite, and already it feels like home, yet it's totally empty (except for half-empty storage boxes flung about). I haven't been to Mudd at ALL yet (mostly because people aren't here and I haven't had time, but also early returners only can eat at their own dining halls). All my coworkers are women, all the other people around are women... I have yet to actually talk to a member of the male species since I came back. Yes, it's a women's college. It's still bizarre. I don't think that's happened orientation...

After walking a mile and a half to the U-Haul place, slogging all my earthly possessions out of storage, (partially) unpacking, carrying boxes out of the Store and hauling them to the storage closet on the other side of campus in the midday sun... I don't think my shoulders have ever been so exhausted. I don't want to lift my arms anymore, let alone anything attached. Of course, I have no choice. More inventory tomorrow!