You know the weather is on crack when...

Sep 4, 2007 • Karen

...99°F feels like a relief.

It was 107°F on frosh move-in day; 110°F when everyone else came back to campus on Sunday. I think this has been the first day under 100°F in almost a week.

Yes, it's southern California. Yes, we usually get a heat wave around move-in. But this one has been more than ten degrees hotter than any of the others I've been here for. I've felt like a slow-roasted chicken--and I'm lucky enough to be in an air-conditioned dorm!

In other news, today was the first day of classes. Media Studies Senior Seminar and Advanced Web Projects today; both make me excited and a little nervous. Professor Tran teaches both classes, and I noted on the syllabus that both classes' major assignments are due the same days... Hmm. The Senior Seminar shouldn't be too bad--the readings look interesting, so as long as I keep up progress on my Senior Project it should be just fine. As for Advanced Web Projects, it's a very tiny class, and it feels weird not knowing anything about Flash going into it. I already know what I want to do for my final project; it's mostly why I wanted to take the class. The question is whether it's too ambitious to handle, along with everything else I have going...

Tomorrow is Intro to Creative Writing and Concert Choir, along with Golub's office hours and yet another FC.o bylaws meeting. Busy busy!