Sep 6, 2007 • Karen

In an effort to survive all my commitments and not have the five-final-papers-due-tomorrow problem of the last couple semesters, I've been reading "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. His focus is pretty corporate (I should re-write it as "Getting Shit Done," the college student-directed edition :p), and his recommended model is pretty paper-based (e.g. I have .txt files instead of meatspace folders), but overall I think the book's organization method is helpful. At least, right now I have a ton of stuff on my plate--getting the Store website up to speed, loan crap, free culture work (both local and national) to start with, to say nothing of schoolwork--but I still feel like I am "getting shit done" in spite of it all.

I have made a lot of progress in keeping on top of my life. Really, I have. And yet... things happen that make me wonder if I will ever stop being a dumb.

For instance, this: My bike wasn't stolen.

At the end of the semester last year, I was in a rush to get everything in order before I left. I remembered that I asked Colleen to do something for me, since I had to catch my shuttle to the airport. I thought I asked her to finish cleaning up the common room, as certain ex-suitemates had left a massive mess in there and already moved out.

I could have sworn that I stored my bike myself, along with Nelson's, in the Fowler shed. (Power of false memories...) But this was not the case. I gave Colleen my bike key and asked her to store my bike for me, since I had to run. She did so faithfully, in the Frankel shed. And I promptly forgot entirely about it...

...until today, when I met Colleen for lunch and she returned the bike key.

Bike was still there, tires a little flat but otherwise unharmed. I took it to Senior Seminar down at Pomona today, careening down that relentless Claremont slope, same way I rode so frequently last semester. I am SO GLAD I found the bike, not just because it makes getting around much easier, not just because I need the exercise--because I missed biking in itself, to a surprising degree.

But now I also feel really incompetent. Sigh.