Back home

May 13, 2006 • Karen

For some reason, the Phoenix-Minneapolis leg of my trip had a "weight limit" lower than the weight of the plane's capacity. The airline workers scurried around, counting the number of children on the flight so they could get under the limit and not have to boot very many passengers. I wondered, if the number of children could have that much of an effect on the ability of the plane to get airborne, why they weren't counting the number of obese passengers, too.

Apparently the reason for the limit wasn't that the plane was a rickety rustbucket, as we made it to Minneapolis with only a child kicking my seat and several crying babies to complain about.

I've flown out of Ontario many times, but today was the worst I'd seen it. As we lifted off, I saw that the entire valley was swathed in thick brown smog, with no rain in the forecast to clear it out. Yuck. I like Claremont; the colleges are pretty and green. But I don't want to stay in LA after college. The whole star-studded, environmentally-ravaged desert thing is nice for a little while, but it doesn't really do it for me in the long term.

As I was reminded as we finally broke through the clouds and looked down on southern Minnesota. My gosh! So much green! So many trees! I think Minnesota grew a dozen lakes while I was gone--there was water everywhere! (The recent five inches of rain the guy sitting next to me mentioned probably has something to do with that.) California is called the golden state for a reason, and even when the plants are green...they're a different kind of green. CAM respiration kind of green--dustier, a bit yellower. Minnesota's got the real thing.

So if the people laugh and giggle when you tell 'em where you live
Say shh...say shh..
And if you know this is where you wanna raise your kids
Say shh...say shh..
If you're from the midwest and it doesn't matter where
Say shh...say shh
If you can drink tap water and breathe the air
Say shh...say shh...

(Pennsylvania's pretty darn green, too.)

Anyway, I'm home for two weeks. We should hang out, yo!