Colbert is my hero

May 1, 2006 • Karen

My nominee for TV Event of the Year:

Stephen Colbert serves up a heaping portion of whoop-ass at the 2006 White House correspondents dinner -- Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Warning: If you need a laugh-track to tell you when something is totally hilarious, you will not get most of the jokes in Colbert's program. Which is kind of the point. Yes, in a technical sense, Colbert's show bombed. The administration and their cronies, most of them weren't laughing. But thousands of people are now watching the show on YouTube or whatever and laughing their asses off. The show bombed--and it bombed awesomely.

Also telling: Apparently all the mainstream news outlets (CNN, NBC, etc) left Colbert's routine completely out of their coverage of the event, focusing instead on Bush's body-double routine. The only one to cover Colbert was Fox--with the angle that Colbert had gone overboard. This hasn't been much of an obstacle to anyone with an Internet connection from finding out about it, though...

So yeah. Thank you, Steven Colbert. It's hard to tell how often the president's echo chamber gets breached--thanks for using your opportunity to do so.