Batten down the hatches.

May 28, 2007 • Karen

My web host has been hacked. Indeed, the host of my host has been hacked. So far the superficial effects have been limited ( was modified, and a couple folders of spam were added, but nothing was deleted). However, underneath it seems to be pretty bad.

When I ssh into the site I get weird output and it won't let me change my password. (When you try it says it changed the password, but when you log in again it's still the old password. The third time I tried, it just said "Sorry." Is this a weird ssh phishing attempt? Bizarre.)

I've got everything backed up now and my host is aware of the problem. Hopefully will ride out the storm--either way Nelson and I are planning to switch hosts soon anyway. But just an FYI in case this page turns into a C1al!s ad or something equally ridiculous.