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Sep 11, 2006 • Karen

Prime Minister opposes toughening terror laws after Vollsmose arrests - Wait, what? A politician in power who *doesn't* grasp every opportunity to violate the rights of the citizenry? Sacre bleu! (Here's an article about the arrests themselves.)

Disabled Danish man fights for state-funded sex - The argument goes, the Danish government reimburses disabled people for extra expenses due to their disability. This guy has to pay to bring prostitutes to his house because his cerebral palsy keeps him from going out. So he wants the government to cover the transportation costs. What a country...

Danish microbreweries post huge growth - When I visited Carlsberg Brewery, the company representative who spoke with us said that a major part of their strategy was consolidation--buying up lots of local breweries in Europe and Asia before their competitors did. Reminded me of my dad's observation that, on his first organ tour, all the little towns he went through had their own kind of beer. On his second tour about two years later, many of those local breweries had been bought up by big companies. Hmm. Thanks, Carlsberg!

So it's nice to hear that at least they're losing the market on their home turf...

Finally, last week I discovered what I'm pretty sure is the classiest liquor store in Copenhagen: Højbro Vin. The whole store is made out of this lovely dark wood and they have a zillion kinds of wine and beer: cool. They have an *entire shelf* of schnapps, along with other drinkables: plus. (I didn't think to ask about Becherovka or Free Beer, Nelson--I'll ask when I go back.)

But the real bonus: I unfortunately didn't have my camera on me, but when I walked by the store this morning they had a huge sign in the window. Advertising absinthe. Whaaaa?

[Edit: added absinthe picture!]