Grocery notes

Sep 3, 2006 • Karen

Someday, I will learn how to buy grapes in Danish that are neither tough, nor squishy, nor having seeds, nor liable to get lost on trains.

This loaf of crusty "Fransk brød" I got at a Vesterbro konditori (bakery) for $3 is pretty damn awesome, though. As is Vesterbro. Too bad it's more than an hour away from where I live...

Finally, I need to start borrowing more of my fellow folkehøjskolers' food. We've agreed upon a collective arrangement for food (really we should've talked earlier; having three jars of jelly and two or three dozen eggs in the fridge is kind of silly) but, except for some of Brian's giant jar of peanut butter (impossible to find here) and someone's bag of sugar (for corn flakes), it's been more like me buying fruit and bread, and other people eating some of it.

Maybe I'll have an egg for dinner tomorrow...