Exchange rate blues

Sep 7, 2006 • Karen

I passed this stencil on the way to school today. Burn, baby, burn!

When I first got to the airport in Denmark, I exchanged about $250 into kroner at a rate of 5.7 kroner to the dollar. Now I learn that, according to Yahoo, the official kroner/dollar exchange rate is around 5.86 DKK/$. Okay, close enough.

Yesterday, though, I decided to get some money from a Danish ATM, to prove I could do it *before* I ran out of money. It worked...but when I went out I realized how crappy the rate was. I got 300 kroner for $51.75. Including the "NON-WELLS FARGO ATM FEE", this comes to 5.23 DKK/$. If you buy something with your debit card instead of cash, the fee rises to 3% of the purchase price. As if the cost of living in Copenhagen wasn't high enough!

I'm not sure what else I can do to get money while I'm here, though. Wells Fargo has a service where you can order foreign currency by mail. The rate for that is about 5.54 DKK/$ plus an $8 shipping fee, so better, but...

Suddenly I'm so much happier I got that work-study job!