Intro to Video Production

Feb 5, 2007 • Karen

I'm finally taking the class this semester. It's much more abstract than I expected. We don't learn *any* technical stuff in class, except for the prof's criticisms of what we could have done better in our bi-weekly experimental films. (There are optional workshops after class that are purely about technical stuff, but I haven't made it to any yet. I heard they weren't that great.) Rather, we learn about video art. The prof prods us into ignoring the post-millennial changes we take for granted so that she can teach us video theory as developed decades ago. The videos so far are very simple; she isn't letting us put *any* cuts or editing into our videos until halfway through the semester! Rather than making pretty, polished things, she wants artistic statements that manipulate and draw attention to the medium. Uh, okay...

I dunno. It's not a bad class. But I like my pop TV-style videos, with soundtracks and editing and prettiness! :p

Here are the two videos me and my partner Courtney have made so far.

Video Time:

I guess it's an interplay between time experienced while sucked into the boob tube versus time in real life. The screen reflection came out nicely. We got lucky with how often time-related stuff came up on the television while we filmed...

Video Light:

It's supposed to mess with your expectations. This was the first time Courtney and I had even *touched* the light kit. Damn that equipment's heavy.