Aug 2, 2007 • Karen

I think I now understand why, after 9/11, everyone got jingoism poisoning. One bridge collapses, and I feel incredibly homesick.

Follow the dream doesn't mean leave the love
Roam if you must
But come home when you've seen enough
I love New York and Cali but I ain't movin
Too over populated saturated with humans
And I'm not big on rappers, actors, or models
If I had to dip, I'd prolly skip to Chicago
None of this is meant to dis
No one
No where
Like damn, I'm from Minnesota
Land of the cold air
Too many mosquitoes and a fair share of egos
But like my man Sabe says
That's where my mommy stays

So if the people laugh and giggle when you tell 'em where you live
Say shh...say shh..
And if you know this is where you wanna raise your kids
Say shh...say shh..
If you're from the Midwest and it doesn't matter where
Say shh...say shh
If you can drink tap water and breathe the air
Say shh...say shh...

We're going to fix that bridge. We're gonna fix our transportation situation. We already rank at the top in literacy, health, environment, and a bunch of other stuff, and we're gonna keep it that way. Why? Because we're Minnesotans and we give a crap about each other.

I've got MN pride, yo. *flashes Lutheran gangsign...or something*