So, who did your neighbors give money to?

May 31, 2007 • Karen

Whenever you donate to a political campaign, by law they have to make your name, address, and a few other things public. For a long time, this information was extremely difficult to access, but now there is a handy tool called Fundrace that can sift through the data for you, allowing you to look up the contributions of individuals and neighborhoods.

Of course I had to look up my neighborhood. At a glance, there's some interesting stuff... Apparently Mr. Frey (father of two of my classmates, and apparently ridiculously wealthy) donated the maximum to *both* Bush and Kerry. The Petersons gave a TON of money to the DNC. They also gave to Gephardt, Edwards, and the maximum to Kerry...and then some, unless Chris Peterson (a college student a year behind me) and his brother Colin gave $1000 each to Kerry out of their own pockets...

Hey, I don't know. It could happen.