Summer song

Jul 7, 2006 • Karen

Finally done with this one. It's based on a dancepunkish guitar sample Kevin recorded last year called "Green Alarm."

(It's extra short because the instrumental parts that aren't listed. The guitars sing the chorus.)

It's the dog days of summer when a girl don't need no man
To be a warm shoulder in a winter wonderland
Tried to burn my self-doubt but it just got a tan
So I guess I'll stay with you 'til I've got a better plan

We jumped in the pond but the neighbors all complain
They zoned off all the beaches under sprawling names
Skinny dippers waiting for the melting day
When the sea's in every backyard in LA

So it's finally July
Every day a wild ride
Crickets live, mosquitoes die
And no one seems to realize
That these sunny days are getting shorter...
...and longer again.

Fathers, teach your little girls to play guitar and
Daddies, teach your daughters to ride a railroad car
Twinkle twinkle, coppers' lights or shooting stars
Our hearts skedaddle, the horizon's not so far

Now, to teach it to Nelson and Brian and/or find a non-frighteningly-out-of-tune piano to record it...