The magical bouncing Karen

Jan 13, 2007 • Karen

Howdy, y'all... I just spent a week in Morris Plains with the inimitable Nelson and his family. Got back on Thursday. And now I'm leaving for Claremont tomorrow at 5 AM. Craziness!

New Jersey recap: First, I helped with a recording session for Wrong Side of Dawn's first, as-yet-untitled album. Basically, I did vocals for two songs, played keyboard for two songs, took a few pictures, and did a lot of counting (because keeping track of how many repetitions you've played is difficult for college students). That was pretty fun--I can't wait to see how the album finally turns out!

(More recording pictures here.)

Then, I did various adventurous things with Nelson, including assembling and mailing care packages for new chapters, kicking ass at pinball (particularly the Pirates of the Caribbean machine), and indoor rock climbing. I learned to make good tea and to play several new games: Yinsh (my Christmas gift to Nelson), Arimaa, Pente, and Mahjongg.

Nelson got me this tripod for my digital camera, called a Gorillapod. It has bendy legs with high-friction surfaces so that you can wrap the legs around things to put cameras in odd places. We tested it and it held my camera to Nelson's vertical metal lamp column just fine! Here's the first picture we took with it: